Sunday, April 1, 2012

Design/Customize Bloger Template Templates And Convert Wordpress Themes To Blogger

Design/Customize Bloger Template Templates And Convert Wordpress Themes To Blogger
hi all of my blogger friend, now we are started premium service, i have received more request about design unique templates and we are Convert WordPress templates to Blogger platform,

1. Design Unique Templates For You (Price Starting Cost: $ 100.00 USD)
more blogger users like to use unique and his/her own style template for there blogs. id you want unique template for your site we are design template with your ideas,

2. Convert WordPress Template to Blogger (Price Starting Cost: $ 80.00 USD)
do you like design your site as a premium wp site?now you can do it, this service is a very good for premium bloggers, we are converting any wp themes to blogger.

3. Customize Your Blog (prices starting Cost: $ 20.00 US)
if you have any blog already , do you want customize your blog,? you can customize your blog using coolbthemescompremium service,

we accept paypal and moneybookers payment

you can contact us using this form.


  1. Do you work with the ideas of the ustomer? I mean, if I have like a general idea of the design, and you dwell on it.

  2. Will contact you soon. I'm looking for some wordpress theme for blogger.

  3. @Chiranjeev
    Sure You Can Contact Me Any Time

  4. I contacted you yesterday. I would like a answer.
    thank you

    My name is Marcos Freire

  5. @dinheiroseu
    sir i couldn't find your message, please re send your massage for me thanks

  6. i am unable to link home page in menu navigation
    kindly do my help , and my new page not show all written matter in page why
    waiting for you reply

    1. Post your Site URL here, after i can check your site and help you